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I saw this energetic boy running around, rolling himself in the sand and dive in the water. I connected with eleven year old Sandile Matyila. I followed him to a small camping tent where he put on some dry clothes. “I live here with the guys that make the sand sculptures. They look after me, can I come and live with you please?” For a moment I didn’t know what to say. We walked around and he was so amped to show me a spot to photograph. After ten minutes of walking, I got tired and suggested we head back to the beach. He was not happy. I sensed something ‘fishy’ about Sandile. I asked the guys that make the sand sculptures about Sandile. They don’t live with him and Sandile stole their mini-radio the day I photographed him. I didn’t see him again. The guys that make the sand sculptures are still looking for him.