A woman wearing pink all over yaks into her cellphone.

Old lady with green cardigan holding two bags of popcorn, waving in the parking lot.

A man with his hair in a ponytail looks like his girlfriends sibling.

A stranger from last night does not recognise me.

A man walks past scratching his beard with a concerned look on his brow.

A blonde woman 20 years away from looking like her mother, walks with her parents.

A black tie disappears against a black shirt on a black man.

A blonde woman purses her red lips as she opens her Mercedes door.

Germans everywhere.

I walk one particular road three times.

Karaoke at Barneys is a brdn drdn drdn.

A strapping young lad drives a land rover with a fat bottom lip and a creased brow. He is most likely thinking, ‘am I ever going to love again?’

Ask two girls for directions. They send me the wrong way. Ask someone else for directions.

Hum a Brian Eno jingle while I watch students converse with wet ears.

Hear an argument in the distance.

Hang out with Fernando on Hobie Beach. Watch him build animal structures for three hours.

Someone accuses me of being a white man in Walmer township.

Smell remains of dead dog on the hill.

Andile takes myself and Jono to the graveyard.

Walking around an abandon building, a Rottweiler on a chain comes 60 centimetres from biting my entire ball sac off. I jump backwards off the ledge and open up my hand.

Think a few half thoughts.

Received my first ever smartphone yesterday. Hold it up, awkwardly, and take a photo of the wall next to me.

A thick neck struggles to breath with each step toward the canteen.

Parked cars at a shopping mall wait for their owners.

A woman and a pigeon stretch their limbs.