“The attack was not a revenge attack or that type of attack. I have never seen these people before. They came here because they were on the run. The police were looking for them for a murder down in Cape Town, for a murder in Lady Frere and a murder in the Transkei, behind me. We just happened to be probably the closest farm from where they came from.”


Entry point.


The kitchen – where the attack started.

It then moved into the bedroom.

It then moved into the bedroom.



“I don’t feel anymore bitter against the blacks because of what happened. I realize that these people were on the run and that they had already murdered other blacks and that the majority of the blacks are not like that and were very upset about it. The thing that has made me a lot more bitter is the political side and when I say the political side I am talking about our president and all his cronies, cabinet ministers and things like that who have not done anything to correct this type of thing. I mean, how many times has Zuma said that he is going to create jobs? He is not creating jobs. He is busy trying to save himself from all the things he should be in prison for. That is the main trouble in this country. And there is nepotism left right and centre, that is why these people have to murder, because they want food. That’s what has made me bitter. Well, more bitter. It is the people at the top of this country that should be running this country that is not running this country.”