“The family have been on this farm since 1895. That was just before the turn of the last century and they came here from the Transvaal because that was during the Boer War. They were basically chased out of the Transvaal because they were of English origin. They came here, they settled here in 1895 and we have been here ever since. A fifth generation on this farm. I have been farming here 31 years of my life. I am in the process of selling the farm, much to a lot of people’s disgust. I have got to a point in my life where I am not prepared to continue under the circumstances that prevail in this country. Security on the farms has become an issue. Farmers are being murdered on a daily basis and we are being stolen dry of what we have built up over generations and what we make our living out of. So you get to a point where you say: “Tot hier toe en nie verder nie.” – Stuart Malony


“I was always dreaming of a farm and I was thinking how to get it. I went to land affairs in Queenstown and I filled a form there which shows I am looking for a farm and that shows that I am on the waiting list. I started to wait for it. One day I was called from land affairs telling me that we have got a farm for you. That is when I thought my dream has come true. I was very very very delighted. I started here in 2011, September. At this juncture I am more of the emerging farmers but I am definitely sure that I will be a commercial farmer in five or six years time.” – Reginald Nondala