I painted the roof blue with my tail then I painted the walls a lighter blue with my middle fingernail then I painted the grass yellow and I asked my granny, who is so mellow, to make one balustrade and my best friends mother to make the other and then I asked a giant egret with a fat arse to shit diamond slabs into the grass in a line and she did just fine then I threw a dog over the roof by its tail to hear the woof on landing of how far away the back gate was as it is ever expanding then I knocked on the door to make sure the wood is solid like the marshmallow floor then I waited for the wind to blow against the tree and I am happy with the way it moves you see and then I squeezed slabs of chocolate below the house and got an oversized mouse to nibble the choc into wannabe concrete block and then I did a bollomakisie across the lawn dusted my hands and stretched a yawn and my job was done. So I went and opened the door and no one was in so I went into the hallway where there was no sound and I think I could hear my sweat roll down my forehead so I slid along the roof and followed my nose as I heard the dog squealing on the spike of the fence outside and the giant egret attacking him so I blocked my ears and hovered into the kitchen where the entire floor was a mess with stale milk and rotten fruit so I took off my shoes and squished my toes into it and I got pulled through the floor by a current of wailing women asking for forgiveness and so I tried to hold their hands, but only touched what seemed to be a fillet steak and so I let it go and as I did I slid backwards through a trench of worn out shoes and so I screamed that my job was done and I wanted to go home, but the number 83 kept ringing in my head in blue.