Aphelele Ngaleka. 13 year old boy from Ugie. 2014 I followed a bunch of school children on their way to school. It was 7.45am when I decided to photograph inside the school. Everyone thought I was a weirdo. Everyone was rejecting me. I noticed one student gazing at me from a distance while other students rejected what I was doing. Most of his friends didn’t want to be photographed. It became hard for me as he didn’t want to be the only one photographed amongst the school. I told him that I’ve realised he really wants to be photographed, but his friends make it look uncool for him. “Why do you want to take a picture of me only?” I told him that I am travelling the country documenting the youth. He couldn’t understand me. The school bell rang and he picked up his bag. Walking away feeling like a loser I felt a hard stare on my back. It was him, Aphelele, staring at me, but this time he was alone. I quickly ran back to him, shouting “I’m taking pictures for the school. I’m looking at different schools across the country” He smiled and crossed his legs. After I took few photographs he ran so blissfully to his friends on their way to the classroom.