Cattle and sheep grazing in Qunu.

Cattle and sheep grazing in Qunu.

I met Bajongele Sandlana, the Nduna of the upper Qunu village. A Nduna represents the community and works with the chief of the village.

Bajongele speaks mainly Xhosa, but with the translation help of Sipho and Phiko (the local fixer) I was able to find out from him how distribution of land works in the Xhosa culture.

-You must be a known member of the community to get a piece of land.

-You have to go and identify a piece of land that you want and report to the Nduna.

-The Nduna will then discuss the matter with the community.

-If the community agrees the Nduna will go to the Chief to get the final decision.

-The Chief will ask if the person has picked a spot and if the community agrees with the decision. If all the boxes are ticked the Chief will give his blessing and the community member will be able to start living on their piece of land.