Eucalyptus trees in Mtubatuba forest.


A bunch of guys smoking in Mtubatuba forest.

Beautiful Eucalyptus trees caught my eye. I have grown to love and appreciate nature while on this trip. I’ve always explained that in my body there are tubes connected to one another transporting whatever I see/do and challenge me in life. When I’m surrounded by nature I feel peaceful and my state of mind becomes free.  It took me about five minutes of wondering and admiring Eucalyptus trees in Mtubatuba until I was disturbed by a bunch guys gathered from 500m away from where I was. With curiosity, I moved closer. I noticed they were smoking drugs. I had two choices: Either I go there, introduce myself and get mugged or I go back without the story. I went back to the security guards of the forest. I told them how beautiful the trees and how I’m interested in nature.

They laughed and said those guys would’ve robbed me if I went there by myself. One of the security guards offered to take me around the forest.

When we were closer to the spot they were smoking drugs, only few were left, all had ran away from the security. The security guard shouted in Zulu that we are not there for them, we are doing our own business. They can continue doing their business. The whole area they were smoking in had a lot of empty squashed two litre bottles . I could tell quickly that they were smoking Nyaope and other drugs (I’m not drugs literate). We passed by and left them doing their business. I told the security how beautiful the forest is with people that inhabit the space and could he take me to the guys so that I can have a conversion about the forest. He started to doubt why I was at the forest.

The guys smoking drugs were welcoming towards me, but they were a bit skeptical about showing their faces on national television(that was their perception of me).

After I’ve left the forest, I started seeing them in town working as car guards. I felt unimpressed with them since I knew they were high on drugs while they were playing victims of poverty in amongst  people’s cars.