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Why weren’t they at school or rather, what were they doing at the recycling site?

The answer was there, but not really there. Next to the recycling site there were houses.

People that live in those houses work at the recycling site who happened to be the parents of the children.

Across the road there are railway tracks and further away there is Phumlani community.

I saw two man chatting about whose going to get the watch they got from the rubbish.

One young girl shows off a fake dollar money she got from the rubbish.

It was a sunny day, flies flew all over the place while the dirty rotten scent of the site took my breathe away.

Holding my breathe whilst trying to take a photograph. I wondered how they survive in such a place.

Rubbish can cause many diseases.

I like the adventure of scrapping through the rubbish hoping to find a gadget.