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Saneliswa Mthebu, 8 year old girl in her uncle’s room

Dogs were barking at me, I stood there not knowing what to do. A skinny man in his late forties came out to rescue me from the dogs. He had dry cracked lips and small brown lazy eyes. I walked inside the house with him where I found Wikus photographing two grandmothers. I greeted them and asked if there was a young person I could speak to. A young small girl came out of nowhere. Before I could say a word to her I was still thinking about the guy that rescued me from the dogs. I wondered what was his role in the house. He looked drunk, high on weed and there was something about him, I couldn’t really tell the moment I saw him.

I spoke with the girl who then introduced herself as Saneliswa Mthebu. She was very energetic and happy. I looked around trying find a perfect spot to photograph Saneliswa. My eyes were caught by a handwritten message on the door of the shack saying ” Body to Body boy.. . fuck me”.  I was instantly interested to find out more about the shack. I asked Saneliswa who sleeps in that shack. She said it’s her uncle’s room pointing to the guy that rescued me from the dogs earlier. I wanted to know more about him and the relationship he has with Saneliswa. I didn’t want to speak with him because he was drunk and high on weed. I pushed the door of the shack open and the light shone on the wall and then a character of him was revealed on his wall.

Saneliswa was looking at me from outside. I asked her to come inside. She sat on the corner of his bed and looked outside. She wasn’t comfortable in her uncle’s room space.