I met Samantha and her Mom on their way to look for Samantha’s father
Samantha had no shoes on. Greasy face with a blue eye.
Her mom said they don’t know where they will find Samantha’s father, he is probably drinking somewhere in town.
She looked worried, I asked if she drinks alcohol too.

“I drink too, but not today.”

They were in such a hurry that they invited me to come to their house the next morning to photograph them and they promised to be neat.
I couldn’t find the house. She gave me a workshop address, people were working. I was confused.
A big man with a big stomach came out and told me to come back at ten if I want to meet Samantha’s family.
The workers told me that Samantha’s family stays at the back of the workshop.
I made my way to the back of the workshop.
I went inside a small dark shack filled with clothes, food lying around and packets of cigarettes.
Samantha still had a greasy face, no shoes on and was wearing the same clothes from yesterday, but the mom was clean and tidy. She even had makeup on.

She was unpleasantly eating a sandwich. I watched her struggling to swallow from time to time.
We spoke for a while. Samantha seemed disrupted.
While watching Samantha through the viewfinder of my camera, She screamed… “Daddy.. Daddy!!”
I turned around and there he was standing raging with anger.

“I think you’ve have taken enough pictures of my family now, I think you should leave or else I will call the police!”

When I heard the word police, I panicked. I was confused. I couldn’t understand why would he call police, when his wife and daughter invited me over.
He was furious when I told him that his wife invited me over. He shouted the hell out of her.
Samantha was still holding her sandwich whilst watching her father throwing words to her mother.
He said I should leave his house before he loses it. I left feeling bad.
I was panicking and couldn’t help thinking about his reaction. I realized he didn’t know that I was coming that morning.
Samantha’s mom didn’t tell him.  Why didn’t she tell him I was coming?
I went back. The gate was closed. I heard shouting.
He came out through the workshop, sweating and busy fiddling with his phone.
I asked him nicely to allow me to explain who I am and what I’m doing.
We spoke for a while.
He was not happy at all.