Mabuza Kgothatso and his friend Brian Kgolone from Jane furse.

No more blaming others for our freedom.
No more waiting for people to do things for us.
No more uneducated black youth.
No more waiting in vain.
No more  broken homes.
No more corruption.
No more black depression.
No more resenting our history.
I will say “no more” to anything that makes me feel less of who I am.
I am the future of South Africa.
I am the next Steve Biko.
I am living in the shadow of  the late Tatu-Nelson Mandela.
I am breathing the freedom, walking democracy.
I am free.
I am free to free my life, my family and my community.
I am free to free the minds of the youth drowning on substance abuse.
I am free to free the economical injustice of this country.
I am free to free the pain, the guilt and shame of who I’m designed to be.
I am free to free the mental slavery of my brothers and sisters.
I am born free.