I was totally amazed by the amount of young people that were watching car drifting in Benoni. It was my first time experiencing car drifting and I was scared. In the township BMW 325is, locally known as Gusheshe, is a car with dignity and celebrated by young boys.  When those guys were drifting and others performing insane skills the children were cheering and whistling. It reminded me of home (Langa Township). Me and my friends would whistle as a Gusheshe drives past us. It never made any sense why we were doing that. I know that the car symbolizes power and money in the township. While watching car drifting in Benoni, I noticed something new about Gusheshe. Even though the car has a lot  of history but for them  BMW 325is is part of drifting and drifting symbolizes life and happiness. The more I watched, the less scared I became. The sport is for the fearless and nonconforming.