South African dream.

It was a bright cloudy day when Nelson Mandela was released from Prison.
Black people burnt down “dom passes” fearlessly.
It was when Madiba said “never, never and never again” South Africa was considered as a free country while carrying traumatic souls.

Let’s forget the past, We are free now.
Like coded Aliens, black people forgot and moved on.
Like lying to children, let’s do it for Mandela.

Our hero. Black Hero.

“Obviously they will do it for Madiba. Black People never had an opportunity to celebrate their heroes like Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe with respect during tough times when their gore washed the streets of Soweto during the uprising in 1976.”

After the first election in 1994, black people made their way to the dysfunctional townships to celebrate freedom.

“Viva South Africa Viva.”

Sikhululekile (We are free).

A black women gave a birth to a son and named him Nkululeko (freedom). The name pays a tribute to his father that never made it back home during the struggle.  Nkululeko kept on asking for his father. His mother couldn’t explain it to him or even tell him a story because her memory is also her worst nightmare. She disgracefully pointed to her new boyfriend, “That is your father, call him Daddy.”

Nkululeko was confused as to why every different man that sleeps with her mother is his father. Angry and confused he ran away from home and made a family for himself under the bridge.

Welcome to Jo-hustle-burg.
A city of dreams that never blossom.
Hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

Land without people, people without land.
Freedom in South Africa is out of South Africa.

White Supremacy Black Elites.

“Don’t stay at the township. This is not a place for you.”

I want to be free.

Freedom in South Africa is forgotten by the people in Coronation Park.

Tabloid President.

Land without people, people without land.
Poverty and crime in disadvantaged communuties is the catalyst for elites in advantaged communities to earn more while creating a big division.

I was arrested in Nelspruit. Probably the best three hours of my life.
The scent of the cell is kin to the state of mind of those who write distressing things on the wall.
Angry police man bullied a druggie who didn’t want to have his finger prints taken.
Their mouths moved faster than their hands.
I eavesdropped their conversation about the station commander promising the station a braai if they reach a number of arrests.

Angry Ermelo Boer shouting at me when we had a conversation about land: I have worked with black people for over forty years, they are stupid. They can’t do anything!

Welcome to South Africa!

Don’t let this country fool you.

Ask Mr President Jacob Zuma.