We (I, Sean and Wikus) got an invite to attend the Polo game at Inanda club in Sandton where many wealth people reside.

While walking around trying to learn/watch the game, I saw three black boys playing local hip-hop song (K.O feat. Kid X – Cara cara). I reacted to the song by dancing with the boys. I was clearly interested in music than the Polo. Out of nowhere a young white boy came and told the black boys to switch their music off. He said to the black boys that it is not that type of event where they could play such music because people are concentrating on the Polo game.

They unhappily switched their music off. We started chatting and one of them asked me which African country I am from. I was really confused and interested to know why they would ask me that question?

“Which African country you think I’m from?” I asked them.

One of them said that he thinks I’m from Congo.

I laughed and ask which African country they think they are from.

They blast, saying “Look at us! We wear nice clothes and speak nice English. We are Americans, the only problem is that we don’t have an American accent.”

I laughed and told them that because they live in Sandton doesn’t make them less South African or more American. They are black South Africans and they will forever be black South Africans.

They understood my point and we  hung around for a while chatting and laughing.