Rudolph Mulder, 16 year old boy holding neighbor’s child.

When I met Rudolph Mulder I was busy taking pictures of his brother JJ Mulder. He was standing next to me. I couldn’t speak to him that moment because I had to rush and photograph the search of a missing child.

However I visited him the following day at his house. He was with his two brothers. The neighbour came a dropped her son to him.

That’s when he told me he wants to open an orphanage for children and he will be a social worker one day. The way he held the baby illustrated sincere love for children.

I wanted to know more regarding his decision to open an orphanage when he’s old and a qualified social worker. That is when his younger brother shouted that he likes guys but he (younger brother) doesn’t understand why he dates guys while on his phone there is a lot of girls.

He told me that he has feelings for guys only.

Based on curiosity I asked him, “Do you want to open an orphanage school because deep down you know you will not have children of your own because you are gay?”

He said that is the part of the reason he wants to open an orphanage school but he likes looking after people’s children.