For the first time in my life I witness a true meaning of  ‘Like father like son’ relationship. The body shape and how they walk is completely the same. It was amazing to witness. I followed them all around just admiring their resemblances.  My uncles normally tease  me and say I’m short like my father and I speak as fast as he speaks. Through them I could imagine my own ‘like father like son’ moment.

I know single mothers are the best especially in black communities. Which is why in black communities almost every young man loves the famous song by 2 pac called “Dear Mama”. I sometimes wonder how it would have been like If I had a father around everyday of my life.

Would he approve my love for art?
Would he want me to be masculine?
Would he drink a beer with me?
Would he want me to marry  a Xhosa girl?
Would he want to meet my girlfriend?
Would he be one of those lazy fathers, who are good for nothing?
Would he love my mother truthfully?
Would he allow me to drive his car, if he had one?
Would he give me his father’s watch or blazer?
Would he have  been an abusive father that drinks his problems away?
Maybe I would have had a sister or a brother?
Maybe I would have been a church goer?
Maybe I would have been working nine to five?
Maybe.. maybe.. maybe..argh what am I thinking!

These are some of the things I think when I see someone having a good or a bad relationship with their father.
The good thing is that through my initiation this December holiday, I will get to meet my father. I will make sure I enjoy every moment. I didn’t grow up with my father to match my resemblance and my gestures with. Last time I saw my father was fourteen years ago in Eastern Cape.