I remember telling Sean that I was scared photographing old Afrikaner people in Aardklop. They were so uptight and reserved according my observation of them. I really pushed myself to interact with them but it didn’t work. They were all looking at me and when I looked at them, they looked away. Feeling like an outsider I photographed their children playing the other side of the festival. That was very therapeutic.

I went back to the adult side of the festival where I saw teenagers having a good time while the old Afrikaner people sat down while drinking and listening to the music. Those teenagers were not uptight at all and it was easy for me to photograph and talk with them. I sat to the table opposite them while they were drinking and smoking.

I am not sure what happened but some of them left to dance when they came back one of them was bleeding heavily. It shocked everyone in Aardklop. The securities came and dealt with the matter.

I guess he got moered.