Throughout the journey we have met young children begging especially in the parking lots of supermarkets. I remember one time in Jeffreys Bay, a young boy came and begged for money while I was sitting at the passenger seat. I didn’t really mind him because I was thinking. He kept on begging even though he could see that I was not interested in his ‘feel sorry for me’ act. I ended up sympathizing for him. I gave him two Rands to chase him away. He looked at me with disgust and anger. I was waiting for a “thank you”, but he was angry with me for giving him only two Rands. Sean laughed at me because he warned me not to give him money. All that act is like a performance. They have standards and I assume that they feel like we are obligated to give them a certain amount of money because of their ‘feel sorry for me’ performance. This mentality damages the new generation. I think.