In January 2013 Sean and Wikus discussed Afrikaners.
A month later the two of them arrived Orania, which is a white Afrikaner-only town located in the Northern Cape.
A day later they were asked to leave, twice.

Perhaps it is because they forgot to pay their respects at the koeksister monument.
Maybe they forgot to say ‘dankie tannie’ when receiving the infamous vetkoek.
Sean’s beautiful curly golden hair caressing his shoulders accompanied by an accent might of put their necks out of joint.

Whatever the weather, after exiting Orania, highly confused, the idea to travel South Africa was envisioned due to their interest in the diversity of this magnificently puzzled country.

In October 2014 they arrived back in Orania. Only this time, the Englishman and Afrikaner were accompanied by an inquisitive young black man – a situation the locals are not adept at understanding, “Hoe kan hierdie drie manne maatjies wees?”

They phoned ahead this time and all three received a ‘pass’.