ok this is normal
this is fine
I can handle it
this oke has a face with a nose
and the mouth is moving around
the stuff coming out of the mouth is rudimentary

I nod and say ‘oh, ok’
and ‘ja, ja’

over his shoulder
is where my interest lies

a man with one eye is looking for something
in a crack on the wall

I keep watching one eye
and nod
and nod

‘they say there’s a cold front coming this weekend
so the boys and I are gonna catch the game at my house
but my boss wants me in on Saturday to do the income sheets so…’
the oke says

my forehead becomes heavy
my eyes glaze over
and then I blink a few times
it’s hard to see through the bullshit

by the time I am able to focus properly
the one eyed man has his back to me
and is hobbling down the pavement

whatever he was doing
is now done
I have missed the moment
and have a head full of nonsense

I mumble something
and walk toward the van

the oke must think I’m rude
life is too short for rudimentary