As I count down from fifty to zero, be at ease in your body, be at ease in your mind.
By the time we reach zero you will question your happiness and the happiness of those around you.
All right.

Imagine yourself at home, relaxed.

Forty nine.
Now think about one thing that you like about yourself. A particular quality or attribute.

Forty eight.
A part of yourself you have respect for. Or something good that you have done.

Forty seven.
Breathe the thought in. And breathe the thought out.

Forty six.
If you can’t think of one good thing simply rest your mind in the awareness of your wish to be happy.

Forty five.
You, like all things everywhere, want to be happy.

Forty four.
Think about with whom you share your happiness.

Forty three.
Family and friends.

Forty two.
Someone you love.

Forty one.
Think about your happy times together.

There are times you have to fight for happiness. Do you agree?

Thirty nine.
Ok, now become aware of the country you live in.

Thirty eight.
Imagine all the different people you have come across.

Thirty seven.
Think about why some people are happy and why some people are not happy.

Thirty six.
Why do you think it is like this?

Thirty five.
It is strange, isn’t it.

Thirty four.
Picture the face and body of a person that is not happy.

Thirty three.
Remain calm.

Thirty two.
When last did you see this type of person?

Thirty one.
You will see this type of person again and you will become uncomfortable. This is normal.

It is part of the game of life and you are a player, whether you like it or not.

Twenty nine.
Easy now.

Twenty eight.
Try to imagine this persons mother and father.

Twenty seven.
Is there anything you could do to add a small bit of happiness to their life?

Twenty six.
The greatest gift is time and understanding.

Twenty five.
Has someone ever taken your happiness from you? Making you frightened and angry.

Twenty four.
Why would they do this to you?

Twenty three.
Take a deep breathe in, hold it, and release the anger.

Twenty two.
Imagine the unhappy person is at the door of your house right now, wanting to come inside.

Twenty one.
The door handle is rattling.

Your senses become highly attentive.

Try to relax. Everybody gets hungry.

Some people have to fight for what they need.

And you are complicit in that fight in your country.

Will you be free from danger?

Inner danger from being completely lost or swamped in tormenting mind states.

And outer danger in the obvious way.

The person has moved from the door to the window and is forcing it open.

This is your home, a place of peace, but not now.

There is someone else whistling at the back door. You hope it is help, but you know it is not.

They have clearly done this before, searching for happiness.

Do you think happiness occurs in the moment? Or is it the memory of the moment that makes one happy?

People are always talking about ‘living your best life’. Or ‘you only live once’. How do you do this?

Clench your fist.

How unhappy do you have to be to make someone fear for their life in order to attain your happiness?

Is this unhappiness fair on them? And on you?

There are now two people in your house. All of you are aware of the current situation.

You have two options. Take your time to think over them carefully.



Good bye.